Data collection

The IDENTITIES research team proceeds with the data collection with the various groups (adolescents, parents, teachers, principals, municipal administrators) involved in the study.

  • Date:

    10 JANUARY 2022
    31 JANUARY 2024

Starting from January 2022, the IDENTITIES research team, split into eight sub-teams, goes into the participating schools to collect the main data for the study. Specifically, they will travel to each school for a total of 7 times, until January 2024, every four months, in order to have students fill in the questionnaires and use the actigraphs (non-invasive medical devices).

Parents and teachers, instead, will receive a link to the questionnaire, that they will be able to fill in autonomously once a year.
Moreover, each principal will be contacted to request aggregated archive data about the schools.

Finally, municipal administrators of the municipalities in which the students live will be interviewed by the team members, about local policies for cultural inclusion.