CBI.ATTRACT, il Corso di Alta Formazione dell’Università di Bologna, dell’Università di Modena e Reggio Emilia, dell’Università di Ferrara e di Almacube, in collaborazione con IdeaSquare CERN.

  • Data:

    25 GENNAIO
    23 FEBBRAIO 2023
     fino alle 10:00
  • Luogo: Almalabor, Bologna

  • Tipo: Migliorare le competenze

The course’s objective is to help students to develop: the ability to identify and evaluate technology opportunities with a societal impact; the ability to empathize with their users, their ecosystem,and their needs; the ability to ideate, evaluate and improve solutions that address the identified needs, with global and local relevance; the ability to organize and implement entrepreneurial actions.

The aim of CBI.ATTRACT is to develop the students’ entrepreneurial mindset as future innovation players while ensuring the valorization of existing innovative technologies and applying them to resolve societal needs.
In 16 weeks, inter-university teams of multidisciplinary students investigate breakthrough technologies to exploit their potential and develop relevant solutions to solve society, human, and ecosystem needs.

The program methodology is a hybrid model based on the human-centered approach of Design Thinking and Tech-Driven Innovation processes to nurture the students’ ability to identify and evaluate technology opportunities with societal impact on a global and local level.

In CBI.ATTRACT, five multi-disciplinary teams of 6 master students from 3 different universities investigate breakthrough technologies to exploit the technologies’ innate potential into relevant applications for society. 

The course will be held in English.


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