Wellmicro Srl

Company founded in 2015


Business core

Wellmicro offers a quick characterization of the intestinal microbiota in the service of nutrionist doctors, dieticians, gastroenterologists. The final output of the characterization is the Microbiopassport®, that is a medical report easily interpreted thanks to graphic components; the Microbiopassport® describes the intestinal ecosystem in detail. Wellmicro staff adds indications and suggestions about eventual modulation of microbiota components using a therapeutical and nutritional approach.

Reference industrial sector

Clinical/biomedics; food farming; zoothecnical.

Products and/or services

Intestinal microbiota analysis; Microbiopassport® is the first, patented and highly innovative analysis process of the intestinal microbiota. Microbiopassport® reports the complex analysis  of the key microbial ecosystem parameters and it’s easy-to-read and available to everybody.


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