MindIT Srl

Company founded in 2017

Business core

MindIT Srl develops advanced solutions in the artificial intelligence field to predict failures on industrial machinery and to optimize promo funds in retail CPG companies.
In the failure prediction field, MindIT Srl provides solutions inside the Industry 4.0 context such as predictive/prescriptive maintenance and production optimization considering possible failures and/or planned maintenance.
In the promo funds optimization, MindIT Srl provides a product capable of supporting consumer goods producers inside the decisional process of distributing promo funds between different CPG companies. This software allows to observe, using advanced business intelligence tools, previous selling behavior of every product. This tool makes suggestions, based on historical data, how to distribute promo funds during the future time interval in order to achieve selling objectives thanks to machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms.

Reference industrial sector

Industrial plant and automated machines; promo in retail market.

Products and/or services

Predictive and prescriptive maintenance; promo funds optimization.

Registered office and headquarter

Viale G. Fanin 48, 40127 Bologna


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Alessio Bonfietti
phone +39 370 3458445
e-mail bonfietti@minditsolutions.it