Griffa SRL

Company founded in 2020


Business core

GRIFFA SRL is an innovative startup company specialising in the genetic authentication of food, agri-food chain traceability and environmental DNA analysis. GRIFFA uses state-of the-art next generation DNA sequencing technologies and its team has expertise in various fields of biology: genetics, genomics, molecular biology, cellular biology and computational biology. Through its services, GRIFFA provides information on the nature of different biological, environmental and forensic matrices. The know-how acquired in over 10 years of research, combined with the private database and new DNA analysis technologies, allows GRIFFA to identify the various ingredients in foods, verify their authenticity and offer voluntary certification. GRIFFA SRL also provides environmental DNA analyses from different matrices to obtain information that can be useful for monitoring natural environments or environments used for the processing or storage of raw materials.

Reference industries


Main products and/or services

  • Genetic authentication services
  • voluntary certification services
  • food control services
  • natural and work environments
  • beekeeping services also through DNA analysis of honey
  • computational analysis
  • laboratory analysis consultancy and training services, and laboratory analysis

Registered office and headquarter

Viale Giuseppe Fanin 48, 40127, Bologna


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Valerio Joe Utzeri (CEO):