We inspire, connect and develop

We look at knowledge and cooperation between people as fundamental ingredients for generating value for society.

What we're aiming for 

We encourage students, teachers and researchers to explore their business potential, to generate social impacts based on innovation and sustainability.

“The whole Alma Mater community is a rich environment with lots of new business ideas to offer. We want to help people bring these ideas to life, putting them into practice and generating technological, environmental and social, cultural and social impacts”.

Francesco Ubertini

We help to disseminate business culture, striving to create a new sustainable model in which universities and businesses can produce a return on investments in research and education for society through innovation, creativity, responsible sales practices and the creation of jobs.

"Business support strategy is built around a very clear and simple vision: generating impact by exploiting the business potential of students, teachers and researchers. We make available a series of initiatives, actions, services and infrastructures to foster the business potential of our whole academic community.”

Rosa Grimaldi

Constancy and development: the foundations of our activities 

Our approach is marked by our constant support for your project, offering a path that every year places programmes and initiatives at your disposal, starting from a specific kit consisting of:

  • Strategy with clear objectives and coherent investments
  • People from the Alma Mater community as a key to developing your business
  • Commitment to motivating people and providing them with incentives and opportunities
  • Excellent research competences in all disciplinary areas
  • Ideas to support and invest in
  • Funding for the most promising ideas
  • Interdisciplinarity as a factor to be encouraged
  • Connections in the network of local, national and international relations
Our strategy

Our strategy is built on five pillars, supporting the programmes we offer:

  • Creating an entrepreneurial culture
  • Scouting ideas
  • Business development
  • Business incubation
  • Growth and development