Recruiting time

  • What is it

    A recruiting service to expand the team and create jobs

  • Who it’s for

    Start-ups and spin-offs, students, graduates

  • What it’s for

    Fostering the meeting of supply demand between businesses &young minds

  • When

    Generally in May

Recruiting time, promoted by the Job Placement service and by Almacube, is the moment in which supply and demand meet. You can take part if:

  • you are a start-up or spin-off with at least two years’ consolidation and you have vacancies or are looking to expand your team;
  • you are a student or graduate offering your own competences or looking for a job

How to take part if you are a start-up or spin-off

Send us information on the profiles you are looking for, the Job Placement service and Almacube will match them to the CVs of the candidate students and graduates.

You will receive personal credentials for accessing the restricted area of the website, where you can view the CVs of the Recruiting Time candidates.

During the event, you can give information, receive CVs and have short interviews with the candidates.

How to take part if you are a student or graduate and wish to propose your CV

On the Recruiting Time website and the Unibo Job Placement app, you can see the profiles of the companies with vacancies you can apply for. You can apply during the Start-up day; enrolment is open until the day of the event.

Who can submit their CV for the recruiting time:

  • Students enrolled in the last year of 3-year first-cycle degree programmes;
  • Students enrolled in second-cycle degree programmes;
  • Graduates in all degree cycles (L, LM, LS, LCU) in the last 2 years;
  • Students enrolled in University of Bologna master’s programmes;
  • Master’s programme graduates who obtained their diploma in the last 24 months;
  • UNIBO PhD/Doctoral/third-cycle students



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