Investor Time

  • What is it

    An event for presenting business projects to funders

  • Who it’s for

    Start-ups completing the annual business incubation programme

  • What it’s for

    Sourcing funding and entering the market

  • When

    A year and a half after drafting the business idea

Investor Time is the event where the best business projects from the previous edition of the StartUp Day, which have completed the Almacube annual business incubation path and developed their products or services, present their projects to investors, ready to source funding for entering the market 12 months after they began to take their first steps.

Almacube is proud to invite its guests to Investor Time 2019, the event where this season’s best start-ups are presented to investors. Sharing their vision and results will be the university’s digital projects and spin-offs from the University of Bologna research laboratories.

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