• What is it

    A hackathon about carbon neutral packaging

  • Who it’s for


  • What it’s for

    To develop solutions involving carbon neutral packaging

  • When


Greenathon, is a hackathon organized to take place during the Alma Mater Fest and conceived as an opportunity for students from different faculties to meet and discuss ideas about sustainability, focusing particularly on carbon neutral packaging for the food sector. The event will allow students, teachers, and companies to discuss the challenge on common ground.

In consideration of the topic, the ProFood association has been invited to participate in the event and will start the day introducing the hackathon theme and providing useful starting points on which students can base the development of their projects.

At the end of the event, on 11 October 2021, on the same day, a panel of scientific experts will select the winner and present the prizes to the members of the team.

Further information and call for applications for the 2021 edition.