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U-MOB LIFE: European Network for Sustainable Mobility at University

The U-MOB Life project aims to create a university network to facilitate the exchange and transfer of knowledge about sustainable mobility best practices among European universities. This network will serve as a tool towards the reduction of CO2 emissions thanks to an improved mobility of the university community.
The main activities consist in the collection of campus best practices on sustainable mobility; creation of the first U-MOB network of universities for sustainable mobility and of U-MOB training course for sustainable mobility managers; implementation of sustainable mobility strategic plans and enlargement of the U-MOB network.
ALMA MATER STUDIORUM University of Bologna is an Associated Partner and member of U-MOB network.

The University of Bologna promotes a video competition for prizes on accessibility and sustainable mobility in which all members of the multicampus academic community can participate. The aim of the competition is to spread the principles of sustainable mobility and give the university community the opportunity to contribute their vision, in a creative way, about the accessibility to the campuses and the resulting mobility. The procedures for participation are available in the documents attached to this page. 

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