The STEPbySTEP project will develop a modular and sensorized reconfigurable staircase testbed for lower-limb exoskeletons benchmarking. Specifically, the inclination of the staircase will be easily adjustable as well as, consequently, the height of the steps. Furthermore, the staircase will be provided at the upper end with a platform adjustable in height allowing for turning and with sensorized handrails at both sides for safety reasons. With regard to measurements, load cells for the handrails, two force platforms embedded in the stairs, a motion capture system, and a physiological signals measurement system (e.g., breath and heartbeat measurements) will be integrated into the testbed. The STEPbySTEP approach will integrate measurements from the human factors’ perspective (i.e., trust, cognitive workload and usability) by introducing a new standard index. The goal is to outline a benchmarking scheme in order to compare systems and define which one is most usable for the final user.

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