The research activity of the Centre focuses on the relationship between Photography, Art and Feminisms in contemporary visual culture. Since the last decades of the twentieth century, thanks to the expansion of analytical tools favoured by cultural studies and gender studies, areas of study and research have progressively developed that focuse on new identities, and on new cultural and political demands. Among them, the role of women and their contribution to art and visual culture has been one of the most fertile and important ones. Within this new area of interest, the role and significance of women's photographic practices has, in turn, constituted a line of development in scientific studies, as well as in museum and curatorial initiatives.

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PRIN 2020 | IFP (Italian Feminist Photography)

The Italian Feminist Photography project sets out to analyse the contribution of women to the history of Italian photography, within a framework of the progressive spread of demands for feminist emancipation and identity, according to the most recent perspectives offered by gender and feminist studies. The reflection will also be extended to practices that, outside of any militant positions, helped to underline a specific policy of constructing the female imagination and different self-assertion strategies. The project aims to define and promote a study of Italian female photography that can highlight conceptual and theoretical feminist practices in the period running from the 19th century through to the end of the 1980s.

Image: Libera Mazzoleni, LUCA, 2,49, 1977. Courtesy of the artist

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