EULA: a Jean Monnet Module

The Jean Monnet Module 'EULA - EU Law for Algorithm' investigates the impact of algorithms in the framework of EU Law. It promotes the study of this impact from different perspectives such as Labour Law, Private Law, Business Law and Health Law. Through a set of research lines, courses, seminars and outreach activities, EULA aims at reaching a deep and comprehensive understanding of the use of Algorithms and Apps in people lives. The main beneficiaries will be students enrolled in first and second-cycle degrees in Informatics, Business Administration and Sociology in Bologna, Forlì and Cesena.

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Eula - EU Law for Algorithm is co-funded by the European Union within the Framework of Erasmus + 2021/2027.

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Italian Labour Law e-Journal - New issue

The Italian Labour Law e-Journal published the new issue on the Proposal for a Directive on Platform Workers.
In the thematic section there are several essays on the topic!

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