Second Generation Carbons

Materials from residues: we develop functional and low cost carbon-based materials from biogenic residues, waste and recycled fossil material for industrial scale applications.

Your benefit

- Reduced costs through substitution of costly activated carbons
- Recycling of carbon-rich materials
- Optimised development of materials depending on application

Our services

- Develop recovery, recycling and reutilisation pathways from biogenic residues, waste and recycled fossil material up to carbon-based materials regeneration
- Design of newly functional and composite materials to recover nutrients and to remove pollutants, with chemical and microbial functionalisation
- Production and test of biogenic carbon-based materials
- Production and test of soil improvers from compost and carbon-based materials co-maturation
- Bio-engineering of carbon-based materials
- Prediction of long term effects and carbon sequestration potentials

Available technologies and skills

- Small and Medium-scale production and characterization of biochar from agricultural supply chains
- Functionalization of Biochar for specific uses
- Production of composite second generation carbon for nutrient recovery (P and N)
- Techniques for removal, recovery and valorisation of ammonia in waste sewage
- Fast composting experiments (72h) on a laboratory scale with addition of biochar enriched with nutrients
- Study of the interaction between microorganisms and Second Generation Carbons (mechanisms and applications)
- Biochar certification (EBC)
- Life cycle assessment (LCA), carbon footprint
- Geo-referenced analysis of the territorial potential of agricultural residual biomass (for biochar production)
- Geochemical characterisation of the absorbent media (harmful elements (PHEs) potential contamination included)