Convento di Santa Cristina - Biblioteca Zeri - Piazzetta Giorgio Morandi 2 - Bologna  @Antonio Cesari

Expected results


1. A shared definition of needed digital competences of graduate students in the programmes focusing on written cultural heritage: this will orient transnational training activities and constitute the base  for strengthening the cooperation between higher education institutions and stakeholders.

2. Design and test of innovative and customizable teaching modules, basic and advanced, improving participatory and intercultural approaches to heritage as well as educational initiatives aimed at fostering intercultural dialogue. Training design in the vast area of digital content production, collaboration and advanced re-elaboration is aimed at supporting academics with innovative teaching and learning strategies to promote a new method of skills development and a closer contact between research and teaching.

3. A full guide to the teaching modules, including a MOOC, that will enhance the importance of innovative digital training and digital applications, including AI, in the academic and professional environment.

4. A platform for alumni community and stakeholders/employers. The Platform will help in assuring a constant and dynamic contact among different actors: employers, institutions concerned with digital curation (libraries, museums, publishers), professionals active in Museums and Libraries, alumni, prospective students who want to start their studies in the area of ancient history, languages and cultures, academics who design curricula and training modules, so to assure a constant updating of the competences description, the design of related training modules and its implementation.