ENCODE Intensive Training Workshop, Oslo, 10th-12nd October 2022 (10AM-5PM), 13rd October 2022 (10AM-1PM)

The workshop will offer an intensive hands-on training in building a MySQL relational database for humanistic data, as well as introducing data visualization, interface design (including UX) and sustainability issues. Participation is possible only in presence: please register by the 16.09.2022

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  • Date:

    10 OCTOBER
    13 OCTOBER 2022
     from 10:00 to 13:00
  • Event location: Teaching room 209, Vilhelm Bjerknes’ hus, Moltke Moes vei 35

  • Type: Training events

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Workshop Programme


The workshop will be followed by the Conference Encoding across Languages and Technologies (14th October 2022)


Instructors: Federico Aurora, Andrea Gasparini, Kyrre Traavik Låberg, Annika Rockenberger, Karl Farrugia, Robert Emil BergeGioele Barabucci, Cristina Carusi


Monday 10 October (10AM-5PM)

10–13  Introduction to the workshop

Presentation of the data of the participants

13–14  Lunch break

14–17  Introduction to MySql Workbench

Data modelling

Entering data into the database

Tuesday 11 October (10AM-5PM)

10–13  Entering data into the database

Visualizing data in MySql Workbench

Other visualization tools

13–14  Lunch break

14–17  Data visualization: introduction to designing a graphic user interface (GUI) and user experience (UX) issues.

Wednesday 12 October (10AM-5PM)

10–13  Querying and manipulating data in MySql Workbench

13–14  Lunch break

14–17  Finalizing work with data

Thursday 13 October (10AM-1PM)

10–13  Introduction to sustainability issues


For information on the registration to the Workshop, see the Call for interest.


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