27 June - 1 July

Thanks to the collaboration of the Civic Museums of Reggio Emilia and the Civic Museum of Modena, as a vital part of the training course, the Summer School offers participants the opportunity to work on real case studies, applying the knowledge they have acquired during the classroom activities.


Digital Strategy and Audience Development for Museums

Communication and Storytelling for archaeological heritage: the museum experience


Civic Museums of Reggio Emilia, which recently celebrated their 200-year anniversary, pursue the objective to document the nature, the archaeology, the arts and the history of the entire area of the Province.

The art collections, the historical sites and the exhibition centres of Reggio Emilia City Museums have, for a long time, helped to develop the cultural identity of Reggio Emilia’s people. Natural, archaeological, artistic and historical findings from the entire Province and from the five continents, are exposed and promoted in the network of the Reggio Emilia City Museums. The collections date from the Paleolithic period to the present day and are presented in five different Museums, two monumental sites and three exhibition centres.

The first nucleus of this heritage of buildings and works dates back to just over two hundred years ago, and has been built up more and more during the decades, with continuous updates.


By examining the communication strategy of the Civic Museums of Reggio Emilia and other relevant case studies, we would like to invite participants to develop a cross-media communication project aimed at enhancing the autograph writings of palethnologist Don Gaetano Chierici and, consequently, the Chierici Museum of Palethnology, which is still preserved in its nineteenth-century layout.

The project should aim at enhancing all the communication tools already activated by the Civic Museums, making new proposals, and devising integrated management of the resources put in place.



Via Lazzaro Spallanzani, 1

Monday 27th June

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Tuesday 28th June

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Wednesday 29th June

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Thursday 30th June

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Friday 1st July

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