Anwesha Chakraborty, Preeti Raghunath, Alice Fubini, and Alice Mattoni at the IAMCR 2021 Conference

Online conference on July 11-15, 2021

The BIT-ACT team members Anwesha Chakraborty, Preeti Raghunath and Alice Fubini are presenting their most recent work at the 2021 International Association for Media and Communication Research Conference (IAMCR). 

Anwesha Chakraborty and Preeti Raghunath will be presenting their paper “Mobilising citizen participation for ‘good governance' in India: Multimodal Frame Analysis of two ICT-based civil society initiatives”.  

Alice Fubini will be presenting the research entitled “Whistleblowing from below: digital media and the influence of civil society actors over the implementation phase of anti-corruption policies”, co-authored with Alessandra Lo Piccolo (PhD Candidate, the Scuola Normale Superiore). Lo Piccolo is also an associated researcher at the BIT-ACT project. 

Alice Mattoni will be presenting a paper entitled "The local in the global. Activists’ digital media platforms to counter corruption from the grassroots."

The conference will be held online on July 11-15, 2021, and has as main theme “Rethinking borders and boundaries: Beyond the global/local dichotomy in communication studies”. 

 Photo by Pavel Neznanov on Unsplash