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Internship at QinetiQ


Redesign and speed up an existing database import, consistency check and export function by a factor 100.Yes! Let’s be ambitious!



 To operate a satellite in space, a mission control system is used. This mission control system uses a database to understand which telecommands can be send to the satellite and which telemetry is received from the satellite. The database format is fixed and clearly defined in an interface control document (ICD). The database consists of +50 text files
(tab separated). The input to the database in a combination of XML files and information from PDF documents. The satellite engineers need to use these inputs to create a consistent set of information. This is currently done by using an excel file as intermediate format (XML is injected using a VBA macro) and the engineer completes the data using nominal excel functions. The excel sheet has an elaborate consistency check of the data. The export from the excel is done using a macro from LibreOffice/OpenOffice. The export is towards the actual mission control database (+50 text files), but also towards satellite operational procedures (written in TCL), using a templating function. This system has been working for many years, but is becoming too slow. The entire process of running a consistency check and doing a full export takes multiple hours for a complex satellite project. The system was
written by satellite engineers with some amateur software skill. It is time to professionalize this! If you succeed in making it much faster, the system will be used for all upcoming satellite projects!


At QinetiQ Space, one of the leading space companies in Belgium (located in Kruibeke, close to Antwerp). Work can be done remote if wanted, with regular alignment meetings on site whenever appropriate.


1 Master's Degree Student



To apply for the position, or for more information, please contact professor Dario Modenini (contacts info at bottom of the page)


Dario Modenini

Via Fontanelle 40, 47121 Forlì (FC)

+39 0543 374 450

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