The community of the University of Bologna together for the Sustainable Development Goals / La comunità dell'Università di Bologna insieme per gli Obiettivi di Sviluppo Sostenibile

We all are AlmaGOALS

The international students of the University of Bologna talk about their commitment this year for the Sustainable Development Goals. Get involved in the mission for the SDGs with the University of Bologna, by contacting us. We are all, but we are one. / Gli studenti internazionali dell'Università di Bologna parlano del loro impegno per i Sustainable Development Goals in questo anno. Sii anche tu parte della missione per gli SDGs con l'Università di Bologna e contattaci ora. We are all, but we are one.


The Sustainable Development Goals are for all and everyone must take his part. The involvement, collaboration and cooperation of everyone is essential for the formation of a solid base, where it is possible to build a different present and a sustainable future. We must work collectively and we give the opportunity to create the network that face the global challenges.

#weAlmaGOALS is the link between the actors of the university community (students, teachers, staff) and the SDGs. 

  • Do you want to learn more about SDGs and the commitment of the University of Bologna?
  • Do you want to propose ideas or projects for SDGs related to teaching, research, third mission, governance or other?
  • Do you want to organize or promote events for SDGs?

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"Feeling Home" - University of Bologna for SDGs

"Feeling home" was conceived, designed and realized by the students of the master's degree in Cinema, Television and Multimedia production (CITEM), with the help of the professors and technicians of the Departments of Arts of the University of Bologna, in collaboration with the production company Mammut Film. It is the result of a considerable effort on the part of students, professors and technicians which created a strong team. This cooperation has led to the creation of an innovative, exciting and valuable work, using the spaces and structures of the DAMSLab of the University of Bologna.

We especially want to thank: Anita, Carlo and Febe, the three young actors, Prof. Roberta Paltrinieri, Prof. Veronica Innocenti, Prof. Paolo Noto, adjunct professors Michele Mellara and Alessandro Rossi, Prof. Luca Barra, all of the Departments of ARts and the students of the laboratories of the CITEM master degree.

We also want to thank all the technicians who participated in the making of the video:

Written and directed by: Michele Mellara and Alessandro Rossi
Producer: Ilaria Malagutti
DOP: Marco Mensa,
Machine assistant: Anthony Cavarretta
Scenography: Orazio Metello Orsini
Edition Secretary: Matilde Pieraccini
Best Boy: Davide Bellanca
Editing: Mattia Biancucci
Music and Mix: Nicola Bagnoli
Production: Mammuth Film