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XCYCLE - Advanced measures to reduce cyclists' fatalities and increase comfort in the interaction with motorised

11 - Sustainable cities and communities; Research Projects; 2015; 2016; 2017; 2018

Pills of Goals - xCycle

The research project xCycle developed systems to detect cyclists and autos from vehicles, in order to prevent road fatalities. Totally aligned with SDG 11, it helps to creates sustainable, resilient, safe, inclusive cities and promotes active mobility.

Cyclists suffer a disproportionate share of serious injuries and fatalities. The XCYCLE project contributed to innovative, efficient and advanced safety measures to reduce the number of accidents involving cyclists in interaction with motorised vehicles. In particular, XCYCLE produced technologies aimed at improving active and passive detection of cyclists, systems informing both drivers and cyclists of an hazard at junctions, effective methods of presenting information in vehicles and on-site and cooperation systems aimed at reducing collisions with cyclists.

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