UNI-CO-leaRN: University Community Learning

The "UNI-CO-leaRN: University-Community-Learning" project will design and test a new Mobility Scheme for HE students that combines international mobility with a Service-Learning experience in the community.

Service-Learning (S-L) is a relatively new methodology in Europe, but it is successfully implemented since many years within other educational systems worldwide. This educational approach requires students to gain curricular credits by performing a “community service” that answers the needs of the community. Educational institutions and community organisations design together S-L "projects" to which students are required to contribute by applying their knowledge and competences. S-L has proven to be a very effective and engaging learning experience, which not only deepens and consolidates the students' discipline-specific knowledge and skills, but it also encourages the development of “civic and democratic competences”: civic mindedness, co-operation skills, openness to cultural otherness, critical thinking etc. – all competences which are ever more necessary to act as an active citizen and a competent professional in today's society and to deal with the current societal challenges.