Towards inclusive preschool education for all children in Albania

The overall objective of the project is: “All children in Albania, including children with disabilities, develop their potentials with improved learning outcomes.” The project focus will be on Children aged 0-6 years including children with disabilities – who will benefit from inclusive learning opportunities and quality education in Elbasan and Korce municipalities. The focus of the project will be built upon three main pillars: access, quality and institutional strengthening. Health professionals, caregivers, teacher and local institution personnel will be trained to early identify development challenges. On the framework of the project, 2 inclusive childcare centres will be rehabilitated/constructed in Elbasan and Korce municipalities. Forms of collaboration between universities will be implemented in order to develop a child-focused, inclusive educational programme that will be rolled out to local nurseries and kindergartens, and possibly introduced across schools in other regions The enrolment rate in nurseries and kindergartens will be increased and long-term sustainability of the universities and municipalities of Korce and Elbasan will be ensured. Through this 3 years project, the partnership will achieve the following results: 1. Vulnerable children have increased access to early child education through early identification of children with disabilities, new adequate education facilities and raised awareness. 2. An increased number of children aged 0-6, with special focus on children with disabilities, develop their potentials through inclusive and child centered education programs. 3. Elbasan and Korce municipalities’ capacities are strengthened to adequately address the needs of children with disabilities and their families.