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SUPER-LNG - SUstainability PERformance of LNG-based maritime mobility

11 - Sustainable cities and communities; Research Projects; 2018; 2019

Environmental pressure in port areas and in urban areas close to ports is high owing to emissions from ships, port machinery and transport to/from the port areas. LNG is proposed as a low-carbon clean fuel for marine transport in port areas. The boost of LNG marine and terrestrial propulsion may be a key to enhance the sustainability of port areas, protecting health of population and cultural heritage. However distribution networks and port infrastructures for the bunkering of LNG-powered ships requires technologies and solutions assuring a high level of safety in touristic areas of the Adriatic and Ionian see, avoiding trade-offs among environment protection and safety of passengers and personnel. The overall objective of the project is to increase the level of safety, environmental quality and sustainability of LNG maritime transportation in the Adriatic seas. It aims at providing a uniform framework to support the implementation of technical systems for the distribution and supply of LNG in port areas, meeting the requirements of the Seveso Directive (Directive 2012/18/EU).

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