SPACE – Speaking Planet to Teachers Community in Ethiopia

10 - Reduced inequalities; Teaching Projects; Third Mission Projects

Since 2013, a scientific research project for the study of natural environments has brought UNIBO to Ethiopia, and at the same time it was decided to take up this challenge: spreading awareness of our planet as an opportunity for redemption through the knowledge of the environment and territory in which you live. Hence, the idea of confronting the local school system (especially in rural areas) for the construction of educational paths aimed at the discovery of the territory, the physical and planetary environment, but in harmony with the needs of local communities.

It was decided to 1) direct the SPACE teaching proposal to teachers (to reduce communication problems due to the high number of ethnic languages) through refresher programs and introducing, where possible, innovative methodologies, 2) to pursue methodically and regularly the training of teachers, 3) operate with strictly long-term actions and in full respect of local tradition and culture. Finally, teachers are particularly encouraged not to abandon their careers and to encourage the students to complete their studies in order to choose their future.

The group of Astrobiology and Geomicrobiology of the Department of Biological and Environmental Biological Sciences of the Alma Mater Studiorum - University of Bologna, has realized and is coordinating these activities.