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SILKROUTE - SILKROad Universities Towards Europe

4 - Quality education; Teaching Projects; 2013; 2014; 2015; 2016; 2017


The SILKROUTE Project will provide international mobility from Central Asia to Europe for Undergraduate, Master, Doctoral, Post Doctoral and Staff (both academic and administrative) levels, in a wide variety of study fields. A small number of mobility flows is also envisaged from the EU to Central Asia.

The project intends to enhance capacity building through mobility flows not only for researchers and for the academic community, but also for Central Asian nationals employed in private and public institutions.

Associate Partners will play a key role in promoting the SILKROUTE project opportunities among their members and stakeholders.

The overall 113 Scholarships will offer important opportunities for upgrading and reinforcing capacities on issues which are high on the agenda of many Central Asian institutions, both public and private.

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