RURAL 3.0: Service Learning for the Rural Development

Rural 3.0 is set as a knowledge alliance between different European Higher Education Institutions and rural partners, each with a different history, quite distinct experiences with rural social entrepreneurship and/or rural service-learning, different educational systems, as well as specific community needs regarding the location, politics, and the economy of the different rural communities.

Rural 3.0 intends to bring higher education institutions and rural partners together to work on a common issue - development of the necessary knowledge and skills needed to make changes in rural communities. It supports the modernisation of Europe's HE through the transnational curriculum based on the innovative service-learning approach to teaching and learning that brings students, academics, and the community, together to jointly develop solutions for challenging issues, as well as product and process innovation. It aims to stimulate social entrepreneurship of HEIs* teaching staff and rural entities through transnational cooperation between HEIs and rural partners. In addition to this, new learning and teaching methods will be jointly developed and implemented.