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9 - Industry, innovation and infrastructure; Third Mission Projects; 2018

The Bologna ROCK Hackathon 2018 inspired students and young eco-entrepreneurs to tackle the city’s sustainability challenges through social business ideas. The Hackathon has been an example of cooperation of many actors: our student Green Office, Fondazione per l’Innovazione Urbana and the Municipality of Bologna, in partnership with ClimateKIC, Kilowatt and Ecopreneurs for the Climate.

The event brought together a dozen university students, young professionals and entrepreneurs during an weekend-long (May 26-27) co-creation marathon aimed at, firstly, raising awareness on the city’s sustainability challenges, providing a skills-based training them on eco-entrepreneurship and sustainable business innovation, and boosting collaborative, multi-stakeholder networks.

The winner project had the chance to present the project at the Week of Ecopreneurs and Cities for the Climate and at the 2018 UN Climate Change Conference (COP24).

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