Reuse of wastewater treated for agricultural purposes in Al-Mawasi district - Rafah Governorate - Gaza Strip

2 - Zero hunger; Teaching Projects; Third Mission Projects; 2017; 2018; 2019; 2020

The project is funded by AICS. The project, which will last 30 months, will operate in the Rafah region, with the aim of contributing to the restoration of the economic development of the agricultural sector in the Gaza Strip through new synergies between the research system and civil society organizations, promoting in particular the reuse of wastewater treated for agricultural purposes and high water efficiency systems to improve the resilience of the agricultural sector of Gaza through the contribution of innovative and sustainable technologies.

The general approach of the project is aimed at strengthening community resilience through concrete actions in response to crises generated especially by the context (water and energy failure) and by exogenous factors (climate change). The project aims to achieve sustainable agriculture and food security through the use of new technologies in a logic of reuse and saving of water resources aimed at revitalizing the agricultural sector, stimulating the diversification of production and access to the market for products.