Promote culture and heritage 

BOLOGNA UNIVERSITY MUSEUM NETWORK – (SMA): brings together the corpus of 15 University Museums and Archives. Only the Palazzo Poggi Museum (the Rectorate) requires paid entrance, while the other 14 are free to access.

LIBRARY SYSTEM – SBA: All SBA users have free access to the libraries and their resources for study and research purposes.

HISTORICAL ARCHIVE: the structure of the university is dedicated to the conservation and enhancement of its documentary heritage

. • BOTANIC GARDEN HERBARIUM: one of the earliest in Europe, containing collections of dried plants dating from the sixteenth century onwards. The Botanical Garden is about five acres in size, where more than 5,000 examples of local and exotic plants grow.

LA SOFFITTA: a research centre for the arts (cinema, music, theatre, dance). It organises performances, workshops and exhibitions throughout the year.

COLLEGIUM MUSICUM: university orchestra that involves 300 students yearly, putting on fifteen concerts equating to 400 hours of music.