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Promote culture and heritage

11 - Sustainable cities and communities; Third Mission Projects; 2018

Our University is involved to spread and promote the cultural heritage in our city. Therefore we have many facilities to aim these goals:

  • SBA: All SBA (Library system) users have free access to the libraries and their resources for studying and researching purposes.
  • HISTORICAL ARCHIVE: the structure of the University dedicated to the conservation and enhancement of its documentary heritage.
  • BOTANIC GARDEN HERBARIUM: one of the earliest in Europe, containing collections of dried plants dating from the sixteenth century onwards. The Botanical Garden is about 5 acres in extent, on which more than 5,000 examples of local and exotic plants are growing.
  • LA SOFFITTA: a research center of arts (cinema, music, theater, dance). It organizes performances, workshops and exhibitions all over the year.
  • COLLEGIUM MUSICUM: university orchestra that involves yearly 300 students, plays 15 concerts equal to 400 hours of music.

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