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3 - Good health and well-being; Research Projects

Financed by Telethon

Mitochondrial diseases are a large group of diseases, often lethal and so far not curable, caused by the failure of the mitochondrion. Mitochondria are tiny cellular organelles inherited from the mother; they accomplish many functions, the most prominent being the conversion of food introduced with the diet into a small molecule called ATP -the "currency" for all the energy consuming functions of the body. Often, changes in the shape of the organelle accompany these diseases and we have some promising results suggesting that "face-lifting" the organelle also improves these diseases in the lab. We wish therefore to tackle a vicious circle of mitochondrial shape changes and dysfunction at multiple points to interrupt the detrimental consequences of mitochondrial diseases, and ultimately to select the best drugs to be transferred to the treatment of patients.

Valerio Carelli  from Biomedical and Neuromotor Sciences Department – DIBINEM is partner of this research project  coordinated by the Università di Padova.

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