OPEN-ing Laos Higher Education System to internationalisation strategies – OPEN

The most important challenges facing the Laotian universities is to set up appropriate structures (IROs) and harmonise internationalisation practices as proposed by the Ministry of Education and Sports of the People Democratic Republic of Laos. This harmonisation should include the sharing of basic and current practices, long established already in countries belonging to the European Higher Education Area, which could facilitate the exchange of students and academic staff, the development of joint projects or other international activities. Also the project general objective aims at increasing the academic quality and research activities of universities in the PDR of Laos through the development of internationalisation capacities. The specific objectives are: -To consolidate Internationalisation structure, & build human capacities of HEIs by means of targeted training programmes in 5 HEIs;- To accompany the governance reforms of MoEs and enhance international networking through strategic actions in key areas of the Laos higher education system. The OPEN project will achieve the above-mentioned general and specific objectives by achieving the concrete following outputs: 1. Increased cooperation and sharing of good practices via the needs analysis and Institutional Building. 2. Strengthening of Internationalisation of higher education system through the promotion of HEIs governance reforms. 3. Enhancement of managerial and administrative staff capacities in dealing with internationalisation issues. 4. Establishme