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Neorion - Promotion of green maritime technologies and new materials to enhance sustainable shipbuilding in Adriatic Ionian Region

8 - Decent work and economic growth; Research Projects; 2018; 2019

In the Adriatic Ionian region, the maritime industry has always been a key economic sector providing thousands of high skilled jobs and opportunities for SMEs and larger enterprises such as shipyards. Shipbuilding and manufacturing were always important components of the economy with numerous jobs and a well trained and experienced workforce. However, in the context of increasing competition from emerging countries, shipyards in this region are facing drastic cuts in their order books mainly due to long production lead times. The collapse in demand since 2008 had a severe impact on employment in this sector. Therefore industrial stakeholders, together with national and regional authorities, need to find an adequate and future oriented response to this continuing decline in demand. We argue that this challenge can only be addressed if the countries around this macro-region coordinate their efforts and cooperate in a systemic way. Thus, the project aims at establishing a transnational Cluster in the Adriatic-Ionian on Green Shipbuilding that will accelerate both the cooperation of key actors and innovation in the industry. NEORION will facilitate the exploitation of innovative technologies tailored to the needs of the shipbuilding industries and implement the market uptake of mature research from a number of different disciplines towards new innovative markets such as offshore wind, ocean energy, new materials and specialized vessels. NEORION brings together partners from Greece, Italy, Croatia and Slovenia with complementary assets and skills from private, academia and public entities. We anticipate a significant increase on the level of capacity of these actors to be effectively involved in transnational cooperation for the development of a regional Innovation system in Green Shipbuilding, as well as an increased capacity of enterprises to build effective links with technology providers and support the diversification of the industry.

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