MORALE - Capacity Building for Curricula Modernization of Syrian and Lebanese HEIs and Lifelong Learning Provision Towards Sustainable NGOs Management and Operation with Special Focus on Refugees

16 - Peace, justice and strong institutions; Third Mission Projects; 2018; 2019; 2020; 2021

Morale is a joint project between Syria & Lebanon to provide the NGO labour market sector with highly skilled professionals trained to effectively manage and operate in NGO environments by means of modernising social and behavioural sciencesrelated curricula and by offering Life Long Learning (LLL) courses targeting NGO professionals at partner universities. To raise the awareness on the key role of HE in the provision of high-level skills and expertise of future NGO professionals and strengthen interinstitutional cooperation among HEIs, NGOs, and governments through targeted networking actions. The project is in keeping with the national & regional priorities and the undeniable need to integrate and make the HE sectors, specifically PC HEIs, the key players in the future generation of NGOs (working with refugees), high skilled professionals and for the provision of LLL for NGO staff and skills updating.