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Innoxenia - Innovation in Tourism in the Adriatic-Ionian Macroregion

8 - Decent work and economic growth; Research Projects; 2018; 2019

InnoXenia addresses the challenge of enhancing the innovation capacity of Adriatic Ionian stakeholders with reference to the tourism sector, a sector of strategic importance for growth and employment in the area, towards establishing a regional innovation system for tourism.
To this end it will formulate Adriatic Ionian Tourism Technology Platform (AITTP) aiming at the creation of a transnational networked tourism community in the macroregion comprising different stakeholders of the quadruple helix. The delivery of a Tourism Innovation Observatory (TIO) equipped by a Tourism Innovation Decision Support System (TIDSS) will enable AITTP to benchmark the impact of innovation interventions on the competitiveness and sustainability of tourism destinations, structures and services. Based on this benchmarking and a wide consensus building in the area, AITTP will deliver a Strategic Agenda on Innovation in Tourism identifying a vision for the tourism sector in ADRION, along with an action plan comprising policy recommendations and investment guidelines to be uptaken by policy makers and private enterprises. Coordination of AITTP with EUSAIR and RIS3 strategies in the area will be also sought.
AITTP technology transfer among the resulting networked tourism community and capacity building / capitalization towards policy makers and the business world will enhance the overall innovation potential of the area developing a regional innovation system for tourism. Local, regional, national and macroregional scenarios for tourism development addressing competitiveness and sustainability though innovative interventions, will be made possible, stimulating a paradigm shift in tourism policies and investments to the benefit of both tourism territories and businesses. InnoXenia quite innovative and novel approach requires a sound critical mass of stakeholders in order for its results to be meaningful for the macroregion, thus mandating a transnational approach.

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