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Initiatives to Support Administrative Staff with Disabilities

8 - Decent work and economic growth; Institution Projects; 2017; 2018; 2019

The University pays particular attention to people with disabilities or in situations of personal hardship, to whome specific initiatives aimed at inclusion are promoted. Among these initiatives there is the creation of the Mobility and Labor Protection Office.

The objective of this office is to promote targeted placement throughout the working life. Among the planned actions are:

  • the promotion of actions aimed at the protection of individuals and the management of situations of conflict and criticism;
  • support in the provision of aids and adaptations of environments;
  • organize focus groups with subject specialists for the analysis of critical situations;
  • carry out a mapping permanent status of disabilities in the University, etc.

This is accompanied by a widespread policy of sensitization of working contexts and the creation of a collaboration network both within the University, between institutional figures and services in charge of work well-being, and outside the university with the local authorities interested in various aspects of disability, for a multimodal approach to critical situations.

Finally, the office provides for the mandatory obligations according to the provisions of the current legislation on the right to work of persons with disabilities.

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