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IMforFUTURE - Innovative training in methods for future data

9 - Industry, innovation and infrastructure; Research Projects; 2017; 2018; 2019; 2020; 2021

IMforFUTURE is an innovative multidisciplinary and intersectoral research training programme which addresses current
shortcomings in omics research. We aim to open the new research horizon in integration of genetics, glycomics, and
epigenomics datasets into systems biology by developing innovative methods for high throughput omics and for integrative
analysis of omics data. We focus on ageing, which is the biggest single risk factor for many diseases. By application of our
novel methods to emerging datasets representing inflammation and immunology, IMforFUTURE will contribute to
understanding of the underlying biological processes involved in diseases and ageing.
To be successful in future multidisciplinary environments in Academia or Industry, ESRs need to be able to act as bridge
between several diverse disciplines. Our ESRs need to overview all steps from data production via data analysis to data
interpretation. In our consortium 6 academic and 4 industrial partners - experimental and theoretical - participate in research
and training via teaching, offering secondments and hosting ESRs. We offer courses in high throughput methodology,
genomics and statistics. Secondments will be to partners with complementary disciplines and intersectoral. Emphasis will be
data management, data stewardship, entrepreneurship, and complementary skills. Interdisciplinary collaborations among
ESRs will be stimulated by working on the same studies, in which new data will be generated, integrated with other datasets,
analyzed with novel methods and interpreted. At the end of the project the ESRs will present and discuss their research in
an integrated workshop. Our ESRs will be ready and equipped for new-generation multidisciplinary researchers. They will
significantly contribute to omics research in relationship to human disease and health and knowledge translation. A
conference to disseminate our work to researchers in Academia and Industry, and to stakeholders will be organized.

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