IDENTITIES: Integrate Disciplines to Elaborate Novel Teaching approaches to InTerdisciplinarity and Innovate pre-service teacher Education for STEM challenges

The main goal of the project is to build innovative and transferable teaching modules and courses to be used in contexts of pre-service teacher education (e.g. curricula in Physics Education, Mathematics Education or Computer Science Education within Master’s degree courses). The central theme of the modules is interdisciplinarity in STEM fields, with a focus on the links and interweaving between physics, mathematics and computer science. Specifically, the modules will be constructed to provide prospective teachers with professional skills to be used in the design and implementation of teaching activities for upper secondary school (students aged 15-19). The project foresees the implementation of the modules in two international summer schools with university students from the 5 different university partners. Summer schools will also be the contexts for the training of a dozen university professors.