Excellence Units

3 - Good health and well-being; Institution Projects; 2018; 2019; 2020

The Paediatric and Evolutionary Cardiac Surgery Unit

The Paediatric and Evolutionary Cardiac Surgery Unit is part of the Cardiothoracovascular Department, is the only accredited centre in the Emilia-Romagna region for the surgical treatment of congenital heart disease. The unit’s activities consist of treatment of all congenital heart disease in patients of any age. This unit has been designated as the centre of reference in the Emilia Romagna Region for the surgical treatment of congenital heart disease.

Hematology Institute and DIMES

Istituto di Ematologia Lorenzo e Ariosto Seràgnoli and the Department of Diagnostic and Experimental Specialised Medicine and the national healthcare system partner to boost the diagnosis of haematological diseases, care and treatment of patients, through multidisciplinary methods, and with the development of innovative approaches.

Cross-Cultural Counselling

The Cross-Cultural Counselling Service aims to prevent critical situations relating to adaptation, study, excessive demands and complaints, isolation, conflicts with other students and/or teachers, practical environmental problems etc. from a cultural diversity standpoint. The service is free and offers assessment and analysis of psychosocial-cultural needs, primary assistance and orientation.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Our students have free access to the “Sexually Transmitted Disease Centre” at our university hospital. Conditions treated and services provided: Specialist visits and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases and genital conditions, information, education, prevention, and counselling (also psychological).