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Europe Engage - Developing a Culture of Civic Engagement through Service-Learning within Higher Education in Europe

4 - Quality education; Third Mission Projects; 2014; 2015; 2016; 2017

The ‘Europe Engage’ Project seeks to embed the concept and practice of the civic university through service learning and student engagement with community.  The overall aim of ‘Europe Engage’ will be to promote Service Learning as a pedagogical approach that embeds and develops civic engagement within higher education, students, staff and the wider community. Europe Engage will support universities in Europe to share knowledge and  build capacity to embed service-learning across the curriculum in higher education in Europe.  It will act as a regional hub from which to consolidate and articulate  the extent of service learning from universities within Europe.  It will achieve this, significantly, through the sharing of knowledge, the development of resources and case studies, the training of leadership, academic staff and students; an interactive and knowledge rich website and through interaction with project partners and the building of relationships.

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