EULALIA - European Latin Linguistic Assessment

EULALIA creates an international framework for certification of Latin language competences, and designs teaching activities that will be needed to develop the competences to be certified. The project will implement two different levels of multimedia certification tool-kits (one for the Basic and one for the Advanced Level) including a syllabus, a lexicon and a collection of exercises, which will be the product of the expertise of the involved partners. The design of the tool-kits will follow a multimedia approach: all textual input will be accompanied by audio tools, with the aim of strengthening the role of the auditory channel in teaching Latin in order to assist the number of learners with special needs. These comprehensive tool-kits, together with the certification tests, will be made available on an open access digital multimedia platform. This way, the involved institutions will collaborate in defining a genuinely European certification model, which is as respectful as possible of differences, open, inclusive and usable across all teaching levels (secondary school and higher education).