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EU-CHINA KeTLOD – Knowledge Transfer and Leadership in Organ Donation from Europe to China

3 - Good health and well-being; Teaching Projects; 2016; 2017; 2018

KeTLOD project will facilitate the design of a postgraduate program in organ donation field, for the Chinese health care professionals’ customized to their needs that will be implemented in 7 Universities. The KeTLOD curriculum is conceived as blended training program, in accordance with European Space for Higher Education guidelines and will offer knowledge and experience in clinical approach, management and dissemination strategies in Organ Donation. KeTLOD consist in a 625 hours program that will lead to 25 ETCS. KeTLOD will empower professional competences; enhance the detection and referral of potential donors and encourage a positive attitude towards donation in the society.


  1. To design and implement a Postgraduate Program on Organ Donation in 7 relevant Universities in China.
  2. To develop specific academic and scientific contents and tools that will enable health care students to be trained as specialists in organ donation in the Chinese Universities.
  3. To create a pool of health care professionals form 7 different regions of China; trained with professional competences required for the development of donation activities in their hospitals.
  4. To spread knowledge and information for encouraging positive attitude towards donation in the society through training “key persons” in the Donation programs in China.

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