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CUG and Confidential Counsellor

8 - Decent work and economic growth; Institution Projects; 2018; 2019

The University of Bologna combats all forms of discrimination in particular through a Committee, called CUG “Guarantee Committee for Equal Opportunities,  Employee Wellbeing and non Discrimination at Work”, and through a Confidential Counsellor.

The CUG has propositive, consultative and monitoring functions, fostering the dissemination of a culture of equal opportunities, ensuring well-being and non-discrimination at work, within the competences laid down in article 14 of the University Statute. It uses the University services dedicated to the promotion of well-being at work, operating in collaboration with the University Confidential Counsellor.  

The Confidential Counsellor appointed by the Rector, is a super partes expert called on to prevent, manage and intervene in cases of harassment, mobbing and other forms of discrimination.   

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