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CASTLE - CAbin Systems design Toward passenger welLbEing

11 - Sustainable cities and communities; Research Projects; 2016; 2017; 2018; 2019; 2020; 2021; 2022

European Regional Aircraft and Business Jets require continuous improvements in the cabin comfort to compete in the global market. The results obtained for the large commercial jets are exacerbating the comfort issues. Therefore, aircraft manufacturers are requested to design and produce aircraft offering high standards of comfort. As it concerns the area of comfort, Airliners have also paid great attention over the past twenty years on the noise and vibration, all addressing the
human sensations of comfort.

The main objective of CASTLE project is to achieve: for Regional Aircraft - an improved and optimized passenger cabin environment by means of an innovative and integrated design approach; mainly based on human factor issues regarding ergonomics, anthropometrics, as well as effects of vibration, noise and motion on passenger, crew and PRM; for Business Jets - an improved and optimized passenger cabin comfort increasing passenger’s well-being and efficiency, both turning the travelling time into effective productive time.

In this respect, CASTLE project will address: different human requirements with respect to the cabin environment; optimization procedures in the acoustic design; green materials such as bio-sourced materials made of renewable sources; additional requirements.

CASTLE will contribute to augment the competitive advantage of the participating industries through the enhancement of their product portfolio (seats, interiors, thermoacustic etc.), and at the same time to maintain high customer satisfaction, reliability and last but not least, to increase the competitiveness in pricing and time to market.

The proposal is aimed at representing a consistent and advanced answer to the needs and technical goals fixed in the call JTI-CS2-2015-CPW02-AIR-02-08, with a balanced combination of innovation and reliable background experience provided by the members of the team, already proven through a wide participation in EU projects.

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