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BRIDGE - Promotion of European Traditional Sports and Games, a BRIDGE for Intercultural Dialogue

10 - Reduced inequalities; Teaching Projects; 2017; 2018

The actions of this project will be related to the promotion of traditional sports and games (TSG). The following sections detail the specific objectives of this project. The European tradition of both child and adult play has led to an extraordinary variety of ways to talk and interact. ETSG are a mirror of the social, linguistic and cultural richness of the different territories forming part of Europe, and as such they acquire the dimension of cultural heritage. This is recognised by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO), which states that TSG are part of intangible heritage and a symbol of the cultural diversity of our societies. They are also an efficient means of conveying values of solidarity (voluntary activities too), diversity, inclusiveness (equal opportunities, sport for all) and cultural awareness (equal access for all). UNESCO works to preserve, promote and develop TSG, and to ensure that they form an integral part of national and development strategies. These will all enhance our end-goal of sport for peace and development. TSG mirror different cultural expressions, and create a bridge between cultures for better mutual understanding. The project is based on a series of activities linked by a key and essential element: the setup of a sustainable transnational network to generate and promote good practices on fostering the intercultural dialogue through traditional games and sports. 

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