ASEAN Student Engagement Initiative

The main goal of the ENGAGE project is to promote and support students’ engagement within the Higher Education System (HES) in three Partner Countries located in Southeast Asia: Cambodia (KH), Lao PDR (LA), and Myanmar (MM). The project idea originates from the observation of the existing gaps in the HES of these countries for what concerns: the inclusion of students in designing and creating class activities; the possibility to express their own ‘voice’ within the governance institutions of the university and to organize extra-curricular activities through student associations; the engagement with the broader context of the social community at large.

ENGAGE builds on and expands the previous experiences of the CHINLONE and TOOLKIT projects including part of the ENGAGE consortium. Specifically, the ENGAGE project intends to address the problem of student engagement from three different perspectives, using three distinct platforms which constitutes the main levels of action for the students: classroom, campus, and community.