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9 - Industry, innovation and infrastructure; Institution Projects; 2017; 2018; 2019

Almacube is the incubator and innovative hub of the University of Bologna, with the aim of becoming a reference in Italy for the development of startups and spin-offs among universities. In 2019 Almacube registered a significant growth in all of the activities related with its 3 integrated business units:

  • Univeristy Spin-off Unit: transform the best technological and research projects of the University into companies. The 17 incubated spin-offs obtain easy access to the University facilities, laboratories and know-how of our community, as well as the entire network of Confindustria Emilia Area Centro.
  • Startup Unit: Every year, about 300 ideas are nominated for StartUp Day, the event organized by the University of Bologna and Almacube to promote the growth of youth entrepreneurship that hosts more than 2500 participants. The 30 selected startups enter the incubation program, which begins with a period of training. Afterwards, 10-15 projects are selected and supported by Almacube staff and mentors for 10 weeks. The best startups enter the final phase, during which they are financially supported with 25k € of funding and services, in order to get ready to present them to investors, during the next edition of StartUp Day.
  • Corporate Unit: 40 students and recent graduates of the University of Bologna work in multidisciplinary teams, to face innovation challenges of companies with which Almacube collaborates. The programmes are part of international networks of universities and research centres such as Stanford and CERN, involving more than 20 universities worldwide.


The number of incubated projects established as legal entities increased by 41% compared to 2018: 13 spin-offs, 11 students’ startups, 8 of which related to the University of Bologna, and 7 other startups, for a total of 31 established companies. The incubation activities involved more than 300 students in total.

Coaches of innovation from Almacube guided multidisciplinary teams of students and recent graduates of the University of Bologna in the process to find innovative solutions for companies.

The Open Innovation Programs involved almost 300 students and are part of international networks of universities
and research centres such as Stanford and CERN, involving around 30 universities worldwide. This year Almacube run more than 30 projects with companies and organizations from different industries such as IMA, Barilla, Legacoop Bologna,
Sanofi Genzyme, CAMST, YNAP and many more. 

In 2019, Almacube collaborated with the University of Bologna to organize the fifth edition of StartUp Day, the most important event in Italy for youth and academic entrepreneurship. With more than 2500 participants, StartUp Day 2019 confirmed the growth of the event: almost 300 submitted ideas from students, 30 new entrepreneurial projects born
at the event, more than 30 incubator, accelerators, crowdfunding platforms and other realities from the world of innovation, matching between investors and startups and many guests from the field of innovation.

During 2019, Almacube organized more than 30 events for its community made up of students, entrepreneurs, professors, young professionals and curious. With the aim of keeping the community updated on topics such as the startup world, social entrepreneurship, cultural and creative innovation and technology, it involved 800+ participants.

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