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17 - Partnership for the goals; Third Mission Projects; 2018; 2019

AlmaEngage is a virtual structure for coordinating development cooperation activities within the University of Bologna at a local and an international level. It is part of a broader process in which universities are opening up to the outside world and actively engaging in social and public issues, sharing the transferring knowledge to the benefit of society.

This project aims to promote and put in place any initiatives in order to sensitize and stimulate academic and non-academic stakeholders on the themes of development cooperation. Through AlmaEngage, the University of Bologna has collaborated with international NGOs to identify opportunities for student mobility within development cooperation projects.

In particular, the Field Work international mobility program is a new opportunity for students of spending a period with NGOs (organized non-governmental) or other subjects active in development cooperation, carrying out “on the field” activities in developing countries and emerging countries where these NGOs or other related bodies.

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