17 - Partnership for the goals; Third Mission Projects; 2018; 2019; 2020

Development co-operation represents a core activity of UniBo, in that it unites two main themes of its identity: internationalisation and social commitment. Current global changes and the increasingly fundamental and visible role of universities in promoting sustainable social development require a thorough systematisation of individual efforts by coordinating a wide variety of initiatives and providing support. AlmaEngage is a virtual structure for coordinating activities of development cooperation and public engagement at the local and international levels. AlmaEngage is part of a broader process that sees universities opening up to the world by promoting active participation in the social and public sphere and by sharing and transferring knowledge to the benefit of society. Within the framework of AlmaEngage, students are involved in extra-curricular activities and work on issues of common interest linked to co-operation development and social engagement. In this way, AlmaEngage allows for their professional growth and strengthening of those soft skills that are increasingly essential in a global society. In 2020, AlmaEngage shared and gave space to students’ experiences, suggested virtual mobility in collaboration with the Una Europa Alliance, and organised focus groups on Africa.