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9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

  • teaching

  • research

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  • third mission


  • AlmaContest

    Open innovation initiatives that involve students in the participative design and development of new applications

  • AlmaEClub

    Creation of an interdisciplinary community open to all personnel, facilitating the dissemination of an entrepreneurial culture within the University via training sessions, seminars and the sharing of best practices

  • AlmaLaBOr and Elab Network

    Co-working spaces equipped with digital manufacturing technologies and networked with advanced research laboratories

  • Availability and Accessibility of Data

    Renewal of the system of business intelligence and development of an open data platform

  • Constructions

    Development, improvement and renovation of the buildings for all the campuses

  • Distinctive Contexts

    Development of new education and research projects in specific contexts for the University

  • Entrepreneurial Ideas and Team Training

    Events and activities that benefit the entire student community, in order to draw out new entrepreneurial ideas and support them via the provision of team training

  • European and International projects

    Promotion of strategic actions designed to attract additional European and international research funds

  • Institute of Advanced Studies

    Promotion of the Institute of Advanced Studies as a tool for involving international teachers and PhD students in the inter-disciplinary research and training activities of the structures on the various campuses.

  • Industrial Research

    The University sets strategic objectives and provides organisational tools in support of industrial research

  • International Networks

    Active participation in the definition of European and international policies in the fields of higher education, research and the third mission

  • PhD Degree Programmes

    Leverage the strategic role of PhD programmes

  • Pure Research

    Promotion of internal competitive calls for pure research projects (AlmaIdea) to facilitate the future participation of research groups in international projects

  • Research Infrastructure and Equipment

    Investment in research infrastructure and shared equipment

  • Simplification and Dematerialisation

    Administrative simplification and dematerialisation of processes, via action on the activities carried out by the structures and by the General Administration

  • Territorial Integration

    Territorial integration implemented via dialogue with local institutions, industrial associations and professionals active in the municipality, the region and nationwide, contributing to training, innovation and the economic and social growth of the country

  • Third Mission Observatory

    Activation of an observatory to collect, analyse and highlight all the third mission activities carried out by the University

  • Web & Social Media

    Development of new web and social media tools, to support communications about the initiatives of structures and the strategic actions of the University


We put into practice various initiatives and programmes in order to stimulate the entrepreneurship and innovation, from bottom-up and student side and also from research and staff departments.

The PdA _phase1 of AlmaCube aims at offering students, on a continuous basis, the opportunity to disclose their ideas any time during the year. Students disclose their ideas to a team of experts who will help and assist them to find their way in the initial stages of the generation of an entrepreneurial opportunity and develop a preliminary assessment.

Start up day: event organised by University of Bologna to promote the merging of skills and entrepreneurial development in young people. The aim of the event is helping students and graduates to successfully kickstart their entrepreneurial ideas and facilitating the encounter between those who have an idea (startuppers) and those who want to practice their skills (players).

The PdA _phase2 of AlmaCube aims at pushing further those students’ ideas showing potential for business development. Students whose ideas are selected in phase 1 are introduced to a training program up to 6/9 months aimed at developing their ideas until they are ready to be submitted to the most appropriate incubators/accelerators.

The Entrepreneurship education consists in ad-hoc courses for undergraduate and postgraduate curricula in all of the disciplines/fields offering the basic notions of entrepreneurship (feasibility analysis, business planning, etc.). More advanced courses are available only in specific disciplines (management and engineering) and Master programs are offered by BBS Bologna Business School.



We put into practice various initiatives and programmes in order to stimulate the entrepreneurship and innovation, from bottom-up and student side and also from research and staff departments.

Unibo Launch Pad is a program targeting PhD students, post-doc scholars and young researchers with a strong focus on science-based venturing ideas. Students whose entrepreneurial ideas are selected are introduced to a three months intensive acceleration experience. The program includes a conclusive demo day during which the most promising projects are selected by a panel of VCs and industry experts to participate in a fully funded three weeks immersion program in Silicon Valley and London.

Maker space is a coworking space targeting University of Bologna students and equipped with tools for ‘makers’ to create their own prototypes and with an array of computercontrolled tools that cover several different length scales and various materials. This is a brand new project to be open early in 2018.

We have a great commitment in the local health autority and in our University hospital. 265 of our professors teach daily at the hospital, while 129  technical-administrative staff guarantee the operative running of all the machine, together with the public employees.



Our commitment for innovative entrepreneurial solutions emerges with the network of incubators within the campuses, such as Innovation Square in Rimini, CesenaLab in Cesena and Basement in Forlì. These offer incubationpreincubation and idea-scouting services, on top of spaces.

AlmaCube represents the incubator jointly founded in March 2013 by the University of Bologna together with Unindustria Bologna, in order to support the generation of highly innovative companies, spin-offs or start-ups.

We also have 98 patents, including new plant varieties, to testify our great motivation and action towards a sustainable innovation.